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Switch Supplier and Save Money

Switch and Save Money

You can potentially save money by switching your Energy Supplier. If you have never switched before or you are on a standard tariff then the savings could be significant.

One of the best ways of comparing all the different offers and potential savings you can make is by using a price comparison website. CHiL has partnered with Energy Angels to provide this service and they will help you switch should you decide to go ahead.

A recent bill will show you the name of your tariff, your current payment method and your annual energy usage both in terms of money and KWH. You will need all of this information to hand when going through the switching process.

Check your Bill

If you are considering switching you will need certain information at hand so grab a recent bill. You will need to know your current payment method, the name of your current tariff and your annual usage.

Talk to Your existing Supplier

Sometimes you can save money with your existing supplier by changing to a different payment option or tariff. Simply ring them up and ask how you can save money.


Do your research to find out the best deal for you. A good way of doing this is by using a Price Comparison company. CHiL are currently working in partnership with Energy Angels to provide this service and they will help you switch if you find a better deal.

Changing your mind

Don't worry if you change your mind. You should receive a 14 day cooling off period.

Before you switch

Ensure you pay any outstanding bills with your current supplier. Cancel any direct Debits or Standing Orders. Take your meter readings on the day you switch so you can check your bills
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