ECO Flexibility in Lancashire

The Lancashire Statement of Intent sets out the qualifying criteria for ECO Flexibility in Lancashire. The majority of Lancashire Authorities will only sign a Flexibility Declaration for residents who are applying through the Cosy Homes in Lancashire scheme.

The Table of ECO Flexibility Declarations shows the number of signed declarations per Local Authority since December 2018 when Rhea Projects Ltd were appointed as the Managing Agent. A signed declaration did not necessarily result in a measure being installed in every instance.

The number and types of measures installed since 2018 is shown in the Table of Measures Installed. This table will be updated on a monthly basis.

In addition the LAD1b Table of measures shows the measures installed using the Green Homes Grant funding secured from BEIS. The LAD2 Scheme is due to be completed 30th September 2022 and the measures installed will be published later this year.