Single glazed window upgrades and energy efficient doors

Upgrade your singled windows and old external doors with a HUG

Please note - there is no Government funding to upgrade old and tired double glazed windows and doors. Unfortunately your application will be rejected if these are the only measures you are applying for.

If you have single glazed windows and doors then it is highly unlikely that ECO funding will fund single glazed windows unless your house requires other energy saving improvements as replacement windows alone do not significantly improve the energy rating of your home.

The Home Upgrade Grant (available ONLY to properties without gas central heating) can provide funding to replace any single glazed windows and old energy inefficient external doors at your property. To qualify for these measures your property would need to have other energy efficiency measures installed such as loft insulation, room in roof insulation insulation or solid wall insulation. 

To qualify your property should have an EPC rating of D, E, f or G, no gas central heating system and your household income should be less than £31,000 per year. Also there is a new area based eligibility so if you live in an eligible Post Code then you regardless of income you would qualify and no financial evidence would be required from you. All grants are subject to survey which will be carried out by a Retrofit Assessor and co-ordinator.

To apply and to find out more information go to the Home Upgrade Grant page.

  • I have very old double glazed windows. Do they Qualify?
     The Home Upgrade Grant will only cover the cost of upgrading single glazed windows. Any old double glazed units do not qualify.
  • I have gas central heating and old single glazed windows. Can I apply? The only funding you could apply for is ECO4 if you have meet the eligibility criteria. If windows are the only measure you need then it is highly unlikely you would qualify as new windows would not significantly improve the energy rating of your home
  • I have an old wooden front door. Can this be replaced?
    If your property has an EPC rating of D, E, F or G and you have a household income of less than £31,000 then the Home Upgrade Grant can cover the cost of replacing old external doors providing other energy efficiency measures are needed in the house.
  • Can I ask a Window company to provide a quote to replace my windows and doors?
    Only contractors working on the Cosy Homes in Lancashire scheme can do the work. If you and your property qualify then apply online and we will arrange a survey and appoint a contractor