Campaign for First Time Central Heating

17th April 2020
First Time Central Heating

No Gas Central Heating in your house? Cosy Homes in Lancashire, the Council backed scheme for Lancashire residents, can help. 

We currently have funding available to install gas central heating into homes across Lancashire FREE Of CHARGE to owners, tenants and Landlords.

The funding covers the cost of installing an A Rated Energy Efficient boiler and radiators in every habitable room. If your house is not connected to the gas network we also have access to additional funding for the gas connection.

The scheme is aimed at residents on a low income of £30,000 or less and/or with any long term health conditions. If, due to Coronavirus, you find yourselves in the benefit system or on furlough then please contact us.

You may only be eligible to apply for a limited time so ACT NOW. No paperwork to complete. 

Please ring 03306 061 488 to apply or submit an online enquiry today.

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  • I / we live in Lancashire.
  • My / our household income is less than £30,000
  • I / we own the house, or I have my Landlords' permission to do any work

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