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Help and Advice to Save Money on your Energy Bills

 There are many additional services and assistance available from utility companies and other agencies to help you save money on your energy bills and to help during difficult times whether it be a financial difficulty or during an emergency. 

Cosy Homes in Lancashire is a nominated partner of Electricity North West and Age Concern and together we aim to help residents across Lancashire access the help and advice they need. Whatever your concern please contact us and we will endeavour to signpost you to an organisation who will be able to help you.

The CHiL Team are here to help so if you need help or advice with anything then please call the team on 03306 061 488 or email us at

Switching your energy Supplier

Check your bill and if you are on a Standard Tariff you will be paying more for your gas/electric. A good way of checking the best energy deals available is through a switching site such as Uswitch (or any Ofgem approved site). All you need is your current utility bill which will show your annual usage. Input your information and the best deals will be listed for you. Switching these days is a straight-forward process and a switching site will do everything for you.

Staying with your current Suppler

Sometimes you can save money with your existing supplier by changing to a different payment option or tariff. Simply call them and tell them what you would like to do. They should then write to you confirming the details of your new contract

Warm Home Discount

Ask your energy supplier if you are entitled to a Warm Home Discount. This is a discount of £140 on your electricity bill over the Winter months. Those who receive the Guarantee Element of Pension Credit are eligible as are other low income and vulnerable households. Call the Helpline on 0345 603 9439

Winter Fuel Payment

If you are at State Pension age you should be eligible for the Winter Fuel Payment. This is an annual payment of between £100 and £300. You are normally paid automatically between November and December. Call the Helpline on 03459 151515.

Help with your Energy Debt

If you are in debt with your supplier or struggling to keep on top of your bills then speak to your supplier as soon as possible. If they know you have a problem they will work with you to find a solution. They must offer you an affordable payment arrangement. If you are offered a pre-payment meter you do not have to agree to it.

Avoiding Disconnection

If you let your energy debts build up there is a risk that you will eventually be disconnected although many suppliers will fit a pre-payment meter as an alternative to disconnection. There are strict riles with regards to disconnection. You cannot be disconnected if you are of pensionable age and live alone, if someone of pensionable age or chronically sick or disabled is living with you, you have a debt relief order, your debt is owed to a previous supplier or you have been made bankrupt.

Priority Services Register

Energy Suppliers, Electricity Northwest and United Utilities must offer special services to customers who are of state pension age, disabled, have a chronic illness or a visual or hearing impairment. This includes priority during an emergency including alternative heating and cooking facilities.

United Utilities

United Utilities have many ways to help you save money on your water bills and to help with water debts. They will also provide a FREE pack of energy saving gadgets to help you reduce your water usage. Please ring 0800 822 3922 or online

Benefit Advice

Always make sure you are claiming the benefits that you are entitled to as this may open up more ways of making financial savings. Many are not means tested and you may qualify if you have a long term health condition or caring for a loved one. Age Concern/Age UK offer free benefit advice.

Free Energy Advice from the CHiL Team

The CHiL Team have many years experience in the energy sector and are available to assist should you need it. If you need help to apply for anything included in this section we will help you. We work with many agencies across Lancashire so even if your problem is not energy related we are here to help.

Little Book of Warm

Check out our Little Book of Warm which is packed with useful information to help you save money. If you would like an advice pack sending out please just give the team a call on 03306 061 488

Check out the tips and advice in our Little Book of Warm

Help and Advice to Save Money on your Energy Bills

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