What is the Great British Insulation Scheme?

The Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) is a new energy-efficiency funding scheme available

The GBIS is a new energy-efficiency funding scheme, launched in the summer of 2023. This is a government-backed scheme as part of the wider Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding.

The GBIS will fund £1bn worth of funding per year until the scheme ends in March 2026. Unlike most other current funding schemes, the GBIS will mostly deliver single insulation measures to support as many households as possible that may be suffering from fuel poverty.


Which type of household does this scheme benefit?

The scheme offers support for owner-occupied, privately rented and social housing properties under two different routes of eligibility:

  • Low-income Group - Any residents on means-tested benefits, those living in social housing or those referred for certain metrics through their local council are eligible for this group. This group can receive a variety of insulation and heating control measures depending on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating.
  • General Eligibility Group - can receive measures if they live in a home that falls within council tax bands A to D in England and with an EPC rating of D and below. Owner-occupiers are eligible for all insulation measures. Private-rented properties are eligible for a contribution towards high-cost insulation measures, such as internal wall insulation or flat roof insulation.

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