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Because heat rises, it’s essential that the top of your house is well insulated. Older properties with rooms in the roof have little or no insulation, making this space the coldest in the house.

In the past, CHiL have helped thousands of residents across Lancashire insulate their lofts completely free-of-charge. The new Green Homes Grant is now available to help if you need to insulate your attic rooms. 

More information about available funding

The funding has been secured from Central Government from the Green Homes Grant - Local Authority Delivery Scheme. The scheme is due to end 30th September 2021 and there is no guarantee that the scheme will be extended. If this is something that you have been considering then now is an ideal time to apply whilst funding is available.

Grants are up to the value of £10,000 for owner-occupiers. If you rent your property or you are a Landlord then you are still eligible to apply but Landlords will need to make a contribution.

Take a look at our interactive house to see our full range of measures available to Lancashire residents

Warmer House

With 25% of heat loss through the roof, insulating your room in the roof will result in less heat loss and so a warmer and more cosy house. And a warmer room in the roof.

Energy Saving

With less heat loss, you will need less energy to heat your home and so become more energy efficient. This will result in significant savings to your energy bills.


As you use less energy you are using less natural resources which means you are being a more sustainable family and are playing a role in helping the planet.

Noise Reduction

Insulation will also make it harder for sound to pass through the walls and into your home. This will mean a quieter house eliminating noise polution.
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