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Residential Park Homes

Park homes can have some of the highest energy bills as they can be poorly insulated and heated by expensive fuels such as bottled gas, LPG or electricity. Our park home heating grants are available if you if you are on a low income of £30,000 or less, if you have a long term health condition or disability or if you are in receipt of certain benefits including Carers Allowance or Attendance Allowance. Check if you are eligible here.

CHiL has secured funding from Affordable Warmth Solutions (AWS) Warm Homes Fund to help Residential Park home owners to install gas central heating to help reduce their energy bills and keep their homes warmer during the colder months. The funding will cover the full cost of connecting individual homes to the gas network if there is already gas to the site. Where there is no gas on the site AWS will connect the site to the main gas network where it is financially viable to do so and the owners permission is granted.

If a Community gas scheme is not suitable for the site where you live you could apply for a Air Source Heat Pump through our Green Homes Grant - Local Authority Delivery Scheme. This funding is also available to provide External Wall Insulation to your park home. For more information on this funding please go to the Green Homes Grant Page

To apply for any of the grants please complete the online form

Where has the funding come from for the free gas connections and central heating?

In 2017 The Warm Homes Fund was created following the partial sale of the National Grid. This fund, administered by Affordable Warmth Solutions, was made available to Local Authorities to bid for and Blackpool Council was successful in securing funding for CHiL.The funding is available to install free first time central heating and facilitate free gas connections.

I live on a site which has no gas. What do I need to do?

Please register your interest on this website. We will contact AWS to investigate whether it is viable to connect your site to the gas network. If it is possible we will contact the site owner for permission and from there will make contact with all the residents on the site.

Will the scheme go ahead?

AWS require a minimum number of residents to take up the gas connection element of the scheme. We will endeavour to achieve the number of sign-ups required but will keep you informed throughout the process. The gas connection funding ends 31st March 2021.

I own my park home. Can I apply?

Yes you can apply and would be eligible for the free gas connection. To qualify for the free gas central heating system you would need to meet one of the eligibility criteria which is extremely broad to encourage as many people as possible to participate so please check with the team.

I rent my park home. Can I apply?

Yes, however your Landlord would need to give permission for the gas connection and sign the appropriate paperwork. If you are eligible for the free central heating the Landlord must also give permission for the work to go ahead.

I am a Landlord. Can I apply?

Yes your property would be eligible for the free gas connection. If you have an eligible tenant then you could also have the free central heating. If the property is untenanted then the heating could not be done until an eligible tenant is living there.

I do not receive benefits. Am I eligible?

Yes. It is recognised that people living in park homes are paying more to heat their homes so are likely to be fuel poor and for that reason we would like to help as many people as possible. If your household income is less than £30,000, you are over 65 or you have any long term health conditions then you are likely to qualify.

I am in receipt of benefits. What information do you need me to provide?

At some point we would need to see a copy of your benefit entitlement letter and take a photo. Please see the link above for the full list of qualifying benefits.

If I don't want gas central heating can I still have the free gas connection?

You can have just the gas connection without incurring any outgoing costs as no gas meter would be fitted. This would enable you, or a future owner, to install gas appliances at a later time.

Do I have to pay anything?

Both the gas connection and the central heating are free of charge so you have nothing to pay.

If I say no now, can I change my mind later?

Whilst Cadent are on site you can opt-in to the gas connection scheme. When Cadent have left the site you would no longer to able to access the free funding. You could have a gas connection at a later date but there would be a cost to you.
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