LPG Heating Replacements

Old LPG systems are often inefficient and can cost a small fortune to heat your home.

Many more people now qualify for funding to replace old LPG fuelled boilers (see Replacing Your Boiler page) with a new more efficient system. These systems are more expensive than traditional gas boilers so although there is additional funding available there may still be a contribution required. If this is the case Cosy Homes will do it's best to obtain this contribution from another funding source.

If you haven't got any fixed heating in your home at the moment and don't have any gas in your area there is also funding available to install 1st time LPG boilers. However if a contribution is required we will do our best to find source of funds to cover the additional cost.

Park Homes 

If you live in a Park Home all year round, you will also qualify for funding, whereas on previous schemes these were excluded. 

Our team are currently assessing applications, so don’t waste anymore time – register your details here today.